CarTract, vehicle mover

The vehicle mover CarTract is intended to move all types of conventional vehicle until 2.5 tons using pratically the same process than EasTract (transport underneath trains tyres), on smooth floors like paved parking, workshops with cement or resin ground.

The vehicle mover CarTract is made with a variable frame fitting with the wheelbase of train wheels, it has an hydrolic control, operating, adjusting and locking of trains wheels with a systme of cylinders.

The vehicle mover CarTract can be fitted with a conventional electric pallet truck or it can be fitted in the factory (when manufacturing) of an electric or thermic powerunit.

Advantages of the vehicle mover CarTract

The advantages of the vehicle mover CarTract

CarTract can move all locked vehicles with the four wheels locked and it can fit to all size of vehicle, from the smallest like a Renault Twingo to the biggest like an Audi Q7.

We made a machine able to :

  • take all vehicle until 2.5 tons and 3 meters wheelbase
  • park a vehicle the nearest from another one (nearest than can do a driver) which means that you can win space
  • pass over small obstacles (doorsill or threshold gate)
  • no CO2 emission, so you can work in a workshop safely
  • easy used, you can learn to drive it in less than an hour

Operating principle of CarTract

Operating principle need to slip all the car mover under the vehicle, from the front or from behind, locked the wheels (front or back, it depends from where you slide the vehicle mover) with the hydrolic clamping block, after you adjust the vehicle mover to slid it to the next wheels train.

When the vehicle mover is totally slide under the vehicle, you activate a command that lift the vehicle up to 10 centimeters, thereby wheels don't touch the ground.

The vehicle can be moved forward, backward or roundabout.

Forward, backward or roundabout movement of the vehicle mover CarTract

Technical features of CarTract, vehicle mover

Technical characteristics
Dimensions & Weight Length 3850 mm
Width 1800 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight (empty) 600 + 550 kg
Radius of gyration 3000 mm
Type of traction Electrical
Use type Stand up (on the vehicle mover) + Walking near the vehicle mover
Moving capacity Weight vehicle maximum 2500 kg
Wheelbase maximum 300 cm